Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! We can replace any tyres that you bring to us.

We can replace a wide range of passenger tyre sizes, including 13 inch, right up to 19 inch tyres.

We are located in Rowville, Victoria in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

Yes - depending on the size of the puncture! If the puncture is located on the sidewall or is larger than 6mm, it is highly recommended that you replace the tyre.

Contact us immediately for an emergency call out*!

* - Selected areas only

We operate between 5pm and 11pm on weekdays and 9am and 11pm on weekends. We offer emergency call outs until 10pm only.

Don't worry. We'll give you all the advice that you need to get you back on the road!

On average, we complete the majority of our jobs within an hour.

Ideally, we are always active on Facebook Messenger, even outside operating hours. However, we can also be contacted via e-mail.

Yes! Please contact us to get a quote!

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and service standards. In the event that you aren't satisfied, please contact us and we will do everything we can to resolve any issues!

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